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Sonic Youth


Vintage Crime Scene Photographs from LAPD

Until recently, an old, deteriorated collection of no less than one million crime scene photographs rested silently in the nearly forgotten archives of the Los Angeles Police department; spanning 150 years of violence and corruption, these images were only recently discovered by the photographer Merrick Morton, who has restored and salvaged many of the images, which will be exhibited at Paramount Pictures Studios from April 25-27 by Fototeka.

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The Beatles’ Apple boutique, 94 Baker Street, London. It opened on 7 December 1967, and closed on 31 July 1968. Initially, it featured this psychedelic mural, created by The Fool. Within weeks of the opening, other local stores filed complaints and the council issued an order to have the building re-painted in white.

Photo source: W Magazine

"Trying to influence people and doing things like painting the Apple shop was all just part of the the Teddy boy in us, the Teddy-boy theme of ‘We’ll show them.’ We thought, ‘We’ll paint the building one night, and the next morning people will come up the street and the whole bloody building’s going to be psychedelic.’ That was what it was all about - I think we would have been pirates in a different life." - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology

Someone sent me this on IG. When my uncle before playing in Metallica was in a band called Obsession in highschool with a few friends for a year and a half. This was carved in the wall from the house the person moved into last year and I confirmed with my uncle they had carved this in the wall when they were there years ago. Awesome to see the teenage memories still there for him!

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Tired of TV, 2014.